6 Essential Nutrient from Milkfish

By. Nevanda - 27 Mar 2023


lauttimur.com - Milkfish is one of the healthy and nutritious fish and can be found in Philippines and spread in Indonesia, Taiwan, and into the Pacific. The fish is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and protein which is quite essential for proper functioning of the body. Listed below are some nutritional content of milkfish:


1.    Protein 
In every 100 grams of milkfish meat, you will get 20 grams of protein. This can be suitable choice for those of you who are having a diet program. You can get best protein content from this fish by boiling it instead of frying it. This protein content in milkfish is one of the highest sources of protein from marine fish. Protein is having a major role to build our body; they can be very much needed on building muscle mass. Other protein roles like:
•    Tightens the muscles
•    Helps fat binding process
•    Strengthens the body


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2.    Calcium
The next important nutrient that are contain in milkfish is calcium. In every 100 grams of milkfish, you will get 20 mg of calcium. This amount, at least, can fulfil you daily calcium needs. The role of calcium to our body is:
•    Strengthens the body and bones
•    Maintain the health of bones and teeth
•    Prevent Osteoporosis


3.    Phosphor
Phosphorus is an integral substance with the calcium. From consuming 100 grams of milkfish, there are 150 mg phosphorus. Alongside with the calcium, phosphorus role is to maintain the health of our bones and teeth.


4.    Iron
Iron is the kind of micronutrient that are essential to our body. In 100 grams of milkfish meat contains 2 mg of iron. The role of iron for our body is:
•    Prevent the anemia
•    Controlling the blood production
•    Accelerate wound healing


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5.    Vitamin A 
Milkfish also provided you with vitamin A, in every 100 gram of it there are 150 IU of vitamin A. vitamin A are holding role to:
•    Maintain eyes health
•    Prevent eyes disorders


6.    Omega-3
Omega-3 is an essential nutrient that you can found in almost every fishes, including milkfish. Studies shows that omega-3 is important to brain developing and for pregnant women, consuming fish that contain omega-3 will helps optimize the development of the fetus.


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