6 Different Caviar from Sturgeon

By. Nevanda - 27 Mar 2023


lauttimur.com - At first, the term of caviar is only refer to Caspian Sea caviar from the Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga, but today the definition has expanded. Caviar is now farmed and harvested in many different parts of the world.


1.    Beluga Caviar
Beluga caviar is the rarest and most sought-after type of caviar. Beluga caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon which swims in the unpolluted waters of the Caspian sea, allowing this caviar to maintain its truest taste. With large, pearlescent eggs, of a light glistening grey, Beluga is prized for its smooth, buttery texture, and a rich and subtle flavor that melts in the mouth.


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2.    Ossetra Caviar
Ossetra caviar is known as the most popular type of caviar in the world. It’s not Beluga, but this is truly the next best thing. Of the higher-end caviars, golden Ossetra is a strong contender for the title of ‘best caviar in the world’. Ossetra Caviar varies in color from golden to brown, firm grains of medium size and a nutty and rich flavor.


3.    Sevruga Caviar
Sevruga caviar is another type of European caviar that stands in comparison with the Beluga and Ossetra. Of all the sturgeon species, the Sevruga from the Acipenser stellatus sturgeon, reproduces the quickest, and therefore is much more available, which translates into lower market prices for this delicious caviar. You’ll find that these small and delicate grey to black eggs are a pleasure to bite into, with a crunchy texture. While other caviars dissolve in your mouth, Sevruga playfully crackles and pops with a more intense flavor.


4.    Hackleback Caviar
This is another contender when looking to substitute the classic Caspian sturgeon. Hackleback comes from the American Shovelnose sturgeon, a fish found in Mississippi River. Similar to the Sevruga caviar both in the size and texture of its eggs, Hackleback has small firm eggs that are a dark brown to black. Hackleback sturgeon has the smooth and delicate flavor of a Caspian sturgeon caviar, but milder and with a little extra nutty punch.


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5.    Kaluga Caviar
Kaluga caviar is incredibly similar to Beluga – creamy, smooth, with an almost buttery texture and a great firm pop, and is today one of the top-of-the-line caviars in the market. Combining all the wonderful characteristics of Beluga caviar, you can eat luxurious Kaluga caviar knowing you are consuming eco-friendly, sustainable caviar of the highest quality. It mostly obtained from farm-rise sturgeons, which allow sustainability and strict quality control.


6.    Sterlet Caviar
Sterlet caviar is another type of caviar that grows in Europe, more specifically in the Caspian, Black, Aegean, and Azov seas, as well as the rivers of Siberia. Sterlet caviar taste like Sevruga caviar, but the size is smaller. Sterlet caviar is light to dark grey, with small grains that have an intense flavor.


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