Cephalopods : Advanced Invertebrate

By. Nevanda - 17 Feb 2023


lauttimur.com - Cephalopod came from Greek word that literally means “head foot”, this came from the way their head look like connected to its many arms. Cephalopods are members of the mollusca that include squid, octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus. They are marine invertebrate, which means doesn’t have vertebrae or backbone structure. Nautilus is the only Cephalopod that have an external shell, some of the Cephalopods have hard internal structure like cuttlefish and squid, meanwhile the octopus is completely losing their hard structure. Cephalopods are considered the most advanced and intelligent mollusks. They have largest brain compare to other invertebrate. Cephalopod can be found in every depth and in every ocean.


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First of all, there is importance distinction to understands: The word arm and tentacle on Cephalopod have different meaning and function. Arms, like those you can see on octopus, have suction cup all the entire length of the limb. Meanwhile, tentacle is two specialized armed that evolve snatch prey from long distance because its ability to extend and retract. Tentacle only have suction cup near the end of the limb. 

Did you know that Cephalopods have a lot of heart? Yes they have three hearts to be exact. The next interesting facts is that their blood is literally blue in color. This color come from evolved copper-based transport system on their blood. Cephalopods not only can change its color but also they can change texture. This ability is helping Cephalopods to blending with their environment either while hunting prey or hiding from predator.


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Cephalopods are carnivorous, their diet consist of small fish, crustacean, bivalve, jellyfish, and even other Cepalopods. The average life span of cephalopods is 1-3 years, except the Nautilus that can live much longer than its other relatives. Nautilus are the only representative creature of an early Cephalopods that still exist today. Their shell look like gastropods shells, the difference is that Nautilus shell have many chamber.

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