Learn to Fillet a Fish at Home

By. Nevanda - 20 Feb 2023


lauttimur.com - Fish fillet is a great product because its convenience. If you want to make a fish fillet, here’s are the step to do a fillet on fish. Please note that different methods can be used depend on the shape of the fish.


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•    Place the fish on the cutting board. Make a cut to remove the head by cutting it at an angel just under the pectoral fins on the both side and make incision until you reach the level of the eye. Then you make a cut on the bottom side of the fish right next to pelvic fins.

•    Pull the fish head off and make sure to pulling it so the guts all come out.

•    Make the incision along way the dorsal spines to the tail. You should note the angle of the knife and just using the first 2-3 cm of the knife. 

•    While sliding the knife press down the fish firmly but still allowing the knife to slide as smooth as possible. This part is where most of the people find it hard to do, so just take your time and make a lot of practice. If your knife hit the bones just stop, re adjust it and the start again. 

•    When your knife reach the tail, push the knife through it (over the spine) until the blade come out on the other side. With one stroke cut out until the knife is clear.

•    Remove the fillet by carefully clear the meat from its frame. For this step you will be sweeping the knife down from head toward the tail.
•    Once the meat is removed from the frame, repeat for the other side. 

•    You must be careful to search for the sturdy bones inside the fillet meat. Run your finger down on the fish meat and if you feel some sturdy bones you can pull it using tweezers. Make sure you don’t left any.

•    To make the meat more clean you can also remove its skin.


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